Risk Free! No Up-Front-Costs!
No Obligations!

TruPowur’s Util Auditors sole mission is to make our clients more profitable by cutting utility expenses and assuring accurate billing. We do not charge our clients any upfront fees or consulting charges to perform an audit. Unlike other types of auditing services that charge by the hour, whether or not savings are found.  TruPowur found it more economical and beneficial for its clients to charge on a contingency basis. All we ask is to share a percentage of the findings in order to compensate our auditors. There is absolutely no risk on your behalf. If we do not save you money; you don’t pay. There is nothing to lose – but much to be gained!

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TruPowur’s Auditors provide Free consulting services to assist its clients in evaluating a rate structure for their energy needs. Recently, the deregulation of energy and natural gases caused an influx of suppliers and brokers, creating more choices for companies. Being that the we also works closely with energy suppliers, we are willing to help guide our clients through the maze of deregulation. Remaining indifferent to any specific supplier, we will help them choose the best supplier and plan the right fit for the organization. Through our leveraging power over the energy suppliers, we will have them competing for your business and offering the lowest rate in the market. All at Zero cost to our client. For more information visit www.TruPowur.com